How to Stake on the Nuls Network

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the Nuls Wallet on your machine, please follow the guides below first and then come back here to continue:


Step One: Creating a Nuls Wallet Address

The first thing we need to do once we have logged into the Nuls wallet at for the first time is to create our wallet address. At the top of the menu bar you need to click Wallet and then Create a new account as shown in the image below:

Creating a new Nuls Wallet

Once you click on this box, a new pop up will appear asking you to create a password of 8-20 characters, using letters and numbers. Enter the same password into the 2 boxes in the image below and then hit Confirm.

Create a Nuls Wallet Password

It is imperative that you do not lose or forget your password because without it all your funds will be lost, forever.

Once you enter your password and hit Confirm you will be redirected back to the previous screen but this time you will see your account listed with your balance, transaction history etc. The page should look something like the below:

Nulls Account List

You have now successfully created your Nuls account and are almost ready for staking.

Step Two: Top up your account with Nuls

To be able to stake on the nuls_global node (or any node in general) on the Nuls network you need to have at least 2000 NULS available in your account. At the time of writing it is not possible to buy the mainnet token directly from any exchanges, but you can still buy the ERC-20 token from Binance.

If you own the ERC-20 token of NULS at an exchange like Binance then you can exchange these for Mainnet tokens using the official swapping tool found here.

On that page, it asks you for your Nuls Address, which you can see in the image above is listed in the Account box. To easily copy the Nuls address, you can simply click the documents icon next to the address as shown in the image below:

Nuls Copy Address

Once you have sent NULS to your address your account balance should update with the new amount, as shown below:

3000 Nuls in Wallet

We are now ready to stake on the nuls_global node and earn rewards and commission.

Step Three: Stake on the nuls_global node

The final step is to connect to the nuls_global node and start staking your balance. In the wallet in the top menu you will see a menu item named Consensus. If you click on that, it will take you to a list of all currently available Agent Nodes which you can connect to.

Currently there are 6 pages of nodes you can scroll through using the page links at the bottom of the node selection, and you will need to click through these until you find the nuls_global node to connect to.

Once you find the nuls_global node, you need to click on the box as shown in the image below:

nuls_global node in Consensus List

Once you click on the box, you will be redirected to the next page which will ask you to enter a Deposit. A Deposit is the amount of Nuls you want to stake in the node and must be a minimum of 2000. It is always important to note that there is a small fee (usually less than 1 NULS) to start staking in a node so you will always need just over 2000 NULS to stake.

In the below image you can see that we have provided a Deposit of 2000 NULS to stake in the nuls_global node, which incurs a fee of 0.01 NULS. Next all you need to do is hit Confirm and then enter your password on the next page to begin staking.

Deposit on Nuls Agent Node

Once you have finished the process you can confirm that your staking was successful by clicking on the My consensus tab on the main Consensus page which will show you which nodes you are connected to.

In the below image you can see that we are now staking successfully on the nuls_global node. It also shows you how much usable balance you have, how much you have deposited and how many nodes you are connected to. Once you start earning rewards from staking these will also show under the Income header.

As you can see, we now have 999.99 NULS available to use (3000 – 0.01 NULS fee and 2000 deposit) and 2000 NULS deposited. Don’t worry, you still fully own the NULS and you can get back your deposited NULS at any time by simply leaving the node. We don’t in any way control your funds or have access to them.

My Consensus with nuls_global

That is it, you are now successfully connected to the nuls_global node and ready to receive rewards and commission. Happy staking!