How to Install the Nuls Wallet on Linux

This guide aims to show you how to download and install the Nuls wallet on Linux. From here you can get up and running with a new account and start staking on the nuls_global node to start earning rewards and commission.

If you are looking for guides for other platforms, notably Windows and Mac, you can find these below:


To be able to follow this guide you will need the following:

Step One: Download the wallet

The first thing you need to do is to download the wallet from the official website at To do this, simply navigate to the website and click on the Wallet menu item at the top of the page, as shown below:

Wallet Link

Once you click the menu item, it will redirect you to where you will have a choice of wallets to download. The first thing you will see is a big green button labelled Computer Wallet. Once you click the button you will be presented with the 3 choices of download Windows Download, MacOS Download and Linux Download. For the purposes of this tutorial, we want to select the Linux Download option.

Download Computer Wallet Options

Once you click on the text labelled Linux download, a pop-up will appear which will give you another 3 options. These options let you choose the location you would like to download the file from. The 3 options in this case are MEGA, 百度云盘 and Github. For this tutorial we are going to select the first option, MEGA, so go ahead and click on that now.

Choose Download Source
Once you click on the link labelled MEGA, it will again redirect you to another page on the file sharing site At this point you should see a page similar to below, where you simply need to click the large Download button to begin downloading the wallet.

Download From Mega

Once you hit the Download button, it should begin downloading the file in the browser with a progress report shown to you as it goes, like below:

MEGA Progress Bar

When the download has finished, your machine should prompt you with a question about what you want to do with the downloaded file. It is best to hit Save File and save it to a memorable location that you can get to easily for the next step.

MEGA Save file to Computer

Step Two: Extracting the files

Using the memorable place that you saved the file to, the next step is to unzip the files to your Desktop. On Linux we use the simple Archive Manager tool to unzip the files and place them into a folder inside your home directory called nuls as below:

Extract Linux Files

Extract to nuls folder

Step Three: Running the Wallet

Once you have extracted the files successfully, you need to fire up a terminal window and navigate to the folder you just installed to, by typing cd ~. Now you are in your home folder, you need to type cd nuls/bin to enter the newly downloaded nuls wallet, and finally ./ to start the wallet. The 3 commands can be seen in the terminal below:

Linux Commands to Start Nuls Node

At this point your Nuls Wallet is fully installed and running. To access the interface and use the wallet, you need to open up Google Chrome and navigate to where you will see the wallet loaded as below:

Running Nuls Wallet